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The oil filter's job is to remove solid contaminates such as dirt

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  However, most oil companies suggest changing the oil every 3,000 miles or every 3-6 months, regardless of the type of driving you do. This causes the oil to break down, and you could possibly end up with accelerated wear, as well as engine problems - loss of performance, increased emissions, and oil consumption. Sever service driving includes frequent short trips (less than 10 miles), during cold weather, driving at sustained highway speed during hot weather, driving in dusty tilting pad bearing conditions, or stop-and-go traffic driving. This efficiently removes contaminates and assures that only filtered oil is supplied to the engine. For diesel engines and turbo-charged gasoline engines, it is recommended to change the oil every 3,000 miles or every six months. Since most oil filters are now pint-sized, in contrast to the quart-sized filters that were once used, the smaller filters have less total filling capacity. Over time, the accumulated dirt and debris trapped by the filter can obstruct the flow of oil.It is recommended that you change the oil in your passenger car or light truck every 7,500 miles. Oil that is picked up by the oil pump is routed through the filter before it goes to the crankshaft bearing, cam bearings, and valve train. It should take no more than a half hour to have your oil changed, and most repair shops can do it on a walk-in basis, so there are no long waiting periods at the garage. The bypass valve opens when the pressure drops across the predetermined value of the filter. This can accelerate engine wear. However, some vehicle manuals suggest that the 7,500-mile oil change is for vehicles that are driven under normal circumstances. New engines with little or no wear can probably get by with the 7,500-mile oil change, but as the engine accumulates miles, blow-by increases, dumping more unburned fuel into the crank case which dilutes the oil.
The oil filter's job is to remove solid contaminates such as dirt, carbon, and metal particles from the oil before they can damage bearing, journal, and cylinder wall surfaces of the engine. If you drive under these circumstances, then it is recommended to change your oil every 3,000 miles or every six months.. It is also a good idea to have your transmission, power steering, windshield washer, clutch, and brake fluids topped off when you get your oil changed. Waiting too long to replace the filter can result in damage from the filter becoming unplugged. The filter should be changed when it reaches this point, so that is the reason it is recommended to replace the filter each time the oil is changed. To prevent this from causing engine failure, oil filters have a built-in safety device called a bypass valve. However, this allows unfiltered oil to enter the engine and contaminates enter the crankcase and are pumped through the engine. When the bypass valve opens, oil can continue to flow to the engine. The smaller filters were high speed bearing designed to save weight, cost, and space. It is highly recommended to have your oil filter replaced every time the oil is changed

The balls within the skateboard bearings also rotate

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Though, the amount of damage may seem insignificant at first, but constant wear and tear will ultimately damage the skateboard bearings. While you are skateboarding the dirt, grit and sand that is present on the streets tends to find its way into the skateboard bearing causing small pits in the balls of the bearings. But, hold on! Have you made provisions for its regular maintenance?
There are various materials found in the market, which aid not only in maintaining the skateboard, but also prevent them from future damage. You have nearly spent a good sum of money to have a skateboard, which you can flaunt before your peers.You have finally customized your dream skateboard after having spent precious time carefully selecting the various components required for making the same. Skateboard bearing lube is not used solely for lubrication. One such material is the skateboard bearing lube. When the wheels roll, the skateboard bearings also roll with it. They are generally available in the form of sprays and creams. The skateboard truck, which is fitted on the lower side of the skateboard deck, has all these parts attached to it. By lubricating the skateboard bearings with skateboard bearing lube you could increase the lifespan of your bearings as well as the speed and overall performance of your skateboard. Some of you who may recently invested in a new skateboard or in set of new skateboard bearings may not feel the need of lubricating their new ones. Thus, the skateboard bearings are the ones that experience the maximum amount of friction and so they must be lubricated using a skateboard bearing lube.
The balls within the skateboard bearings also rotate while rotating the axle of the truck, which ultimately propels the skateboard. Alien Workshop, Element, Bones, Consolidated and Powell are among the high speed bearing few popular brands that manufacture the skateboard bearing lube. Skateboard bearings are an important part of any skateboard. For those of you who are using a skateboard for quite some time and who feel that it is a sheer waste of time and energy to lubricate the skateboard bearings should bear in mind that a stitch sliding bearing in time saves nine. The disadvantage of friction is that it causes wear and tear.. It is also used for cleaning purposes. Therefore, it is advisable to clean your skateboard bearings regularly with the skateboard bearing lube. Therefore, you must at once make provisions to clean and lubricate your skateboard bearings before you reach the stage where the only resort remains is to replace them altogether. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, so you must takes steps on a regular basis to clean and lubricate your skateboard bearings before you observe signs of any damage. This leads to uneven rotation and hampers the movement of the skateboard. The skateboard bearings are fitted in the wheels, which are attached to the axle of the skateboard truck. A skateboard bearing lube comprises of bearing oil or creams used for cleaning and lubricating the skateboard bearings

The ring grooves are in the form of circular arcs

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Deep grove ball bearings are one such type of ball bearings to reduce frictional forces and operate at very high speeds. Their geometrical designs have several benefits to offer, such as lower maintenance, high rotational speeds, excellent support for both radial and axial loads. The bearing reduces the rotational friction between two mechanical elements and supports radial and axial loads.Deep groove ball bearings offer many advantages over other types of bearings. The basic elements consist of steel balls, cages, an inner and outer race. They need lesser oiling and greasing. Bearings can save high amount of frictional energy loss. These high speed bearing bearings have longer service life span. In design it consists of uninterrupted continued deep raceways or grooves where balls rotate. The bearing can be made from several metals like chrome steel, SS or ceramic nitride. The construction of deep groove ball bearings is very simple. This is the whole concept of using bearings.
The ring grooves are in the form of circular arcs that have radius more than that of the radius of the ball. The function of this raceway is to support the radial load and axial load. A deep groove ball bearing is one of the most commonly used roller bearings due to its flexibility and easy maintenance. They are simple in maintenance, easy lubrication, flexible assembly and disassembly etc.As you know the purpose the bearing is to facilitate the smooth movement of mechanical elements by reducing the frictional force. In ball bearings vertical bearing the small stainless steel balls are put between two bearing races.
With more groove clearance, the bearing can support more axial loads. It is known fact that friction between two flat surfaces is more compared to friction between two rolling surfaces. This clearance between balls and the arcs is maintained to avoid friction and surface contact. They are durable and efficient even without regular maintenance. This groove cross section is about one third of the ball sphere circumference. The balls rotate along with these races and also within its own axis. Since it is uncomplicated and simpler in design, manufacturing of these bearings are very easy and that is why these are inexpensive. Because these bearings have the uncomplicated design and can easily achieve the high manufacturing precision, it is quite easy to manufacture these on a large scale. This makes these bearings widely accepted for all industries. The height of the inner ring groove is equal to the height of outer ring groove.