The ring grooves are in the form of circular arcs

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Deep grove ball bearings are one such type of ball bearings to reduce frictional forces and operate at very high speeds. Their geometrical designs have several benefits to offer, such as lower maintenance, high rotational speeds, excellent support for both radial and axial loads. The bearing reduces the rotational friction between two mechanical elements and supports radial and axial loads.Deep groove ball bearings offer many advantages over other types of bearings. The basic elements consist of steel balls, cages, an inner and outer race. They need lesser oiling and greasing. Bearings can save high amount of frictional energy loss. These high speed bearing bearings have longer service life span. In design it consists of uninterrupted continued deep raceways or grooves where balls rotate. The bearing can be made from several metals like chrome steel, SS or ceramic nitride. The construction of deep groove ball bearings is very simple. This is the whole concept of using bearings.
The ring grooves are in the form of circular arcs that have radius more than that of the radius of the ball. The function of this raceway is to support the radial load and axial load. A deep groove ball bearing is one of the most commonly used roller bearings due to its flexibility and easy maintenance. They are simple in maintenance, easy lubrication, flexible assembly and disassembly etc.As you know the purpose the bearing is to facilitate the smooth movement of mechanical elements by reducing the frictional force. In ball bearings vertical bearing the small stainless steel balls are put between two bearing races.
With more groove clearance, the bearing can support more axial loads. It is known fact that friction between two flat surfaces is more compared to friction between two rolling surfaces. This clearance between balls and the arcs is maintained to avoid friction and surface contact. They are durable and efficient even without regular maintenance. This groove cross section is about one third of the ball sphere circumference. The balls rotate along with these races and also within its own axis. Since it is uncomplicated and simpler in design, manufacturing of these bearings are very easy and that is why these are inexpensive. Because these bearings have the uncomplicated design and can easily achieve the high manufacturing precision, it is quite easy to manufacture these on a large scale. This makes these bearings widely accepted for all industries. The height of the inner ring groove is equal to the height of outer ring groove.

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