Also the most common and most revealing spread

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  This spread is used to determine the correct course of action. The layout starts off as the five card spread, with one extra card laid on top of the center card. There is also a line of four cards lined end to end off to the east side of the cross. The layout is five cards in the shape of a plus sign. Lined up in the shape of a V, with the fourth card being in the middle, it will travel southeast before it travels back up in a northeast direction in a sequential order (1 7). There are many more Types of Tarot Spreads that can be learned in books, online, videos, or personal mentors. With these basic Types of Tarot Spreads, a few basic and complex answers can be attained. These different ways are called Spreads, and are literally the way the cards are spread out on the table in front of you.Tarot Cards have been used for hundreds of years around the world to reach a person s inner self.
  Also the most common and most revealing spread available, it is the most complicated to lay out and to interpret. Different types of questions have different types of answers, henceforth, different ways of answering those questions.
  The ellipse spread is another variation that can be used to answer direct questions. Tarot cards turbine bearing give us a chance to reveal our true thoughts, usually thoughts that are pushed from the forefront of our minds because they are unpleasant and we do not want to confront them. If ambiguous, draw three more cards to clarify.

(top of line) Final outcome. This one would be about middle of the road as far as complex questions go. It is used for a variety of questions and problems, but is most commonly used to answer complex questions with many outcomes

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